SILVER DRAGONs understand what it takes to be a fighter and we know the pains that come with it. That is why we believe that no matter what the cost – YOU, the athlete, come first.

The result: high-quality, technologically sound and affordable products in the lines of Fitness, Boxing, MMA, BJJ, and Muay-Thai. Built to enhance your training experience and last you a career.

Our fight began in 1999 in Manchester against the rising tide of American, Japanese and Mexican combat sport brands that were too expensive for the average Brit to sport, SILVER DRAGO Norse and established itself as a leading British Combat sports and fitness brand.

With a customer base of over 200 million satisfied users worldwide, we have become one of the fastest growing E-commerce based sports brands in the world. To top things off, we are our own manufacturers, which allows us to price our equipment at affordable rates for everyone to enjoy. To us, this is only the beginning, and we are just getting warmed up. It would not be long before our gear coats you, and with it, greatness.

Be it a gym, ring, cage or mat – YOU bring the WILL – We will pave the WAY.




Through constant trial we aim to perfect a craft that has been around since time immemorial. Our goal is to be worthy of professionals, amateurs, and enthusiasts around the world, looking to make a future in the timeless sport of boxing, also known as the sweet science.


A seamless union between sport and product. For the unforgiving nature of mixed martial arts you need to have unbreakable qualities. That is the principle that goes behind the manufacturing of our class-leading MMA gear.


Improvement begs for action. The very priciple that guides our fitness equipment, built to help propel you closer towards your fitness goals, in hopes of not only improving the fitness aspect of your lives, but mental too.